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How To Setup Links In WordPress


Most Blogs have at least one set of link (not including a menu) somewhere on the page (usually in one of the side columns). For example you can have a list of recommended pages that your readers should visit and have this list displayed in a column on every page.



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Step By Step Guide;

Step 1) Login to WordPress, if you are unsure how try this tutorial “How to Login to WordPress”.

First you should Edit Link Categories

Step 2) From the menu on the left click on “Links” then “Link Categories”. Link Categories are used to group up a set (group) of links, for example a Link Category could be “Recommend Links/Pages”.


Step 3) You should now see the “Add Link Category” on the left and a list of current Link Categories on the right. Once you add a new Category you will see it appear on the right. You can also remove Link Categories from this Page, from the list on the right.

{rokbox title=|Adding a New Link Category.| thumb=|/images/stories/content/rokboxthumb/addnewfullthumb.gif| size=|788 414|}images/stories/content/creating/wordpress/links_newcatfull.gif{/rokbox}

Step 4) Once you added whatever Link Categories you wanted click on “Add New” on the menu on the left, under “Links”


Step 5) You should now see the “Add New Link” page, from here you need to enter the details for the new link, click the image below to see a brief description for each option.

{rokbox title=|Adding a New Link.| thumb=|/images/stories/content/rokboxthumb/addnewfullthumb.gif| size=|788 414|}images/stories/content/creating/wordpress/links_addnewfull.gif{/rokbox}

Step 6) Done, add as many links as you want and you can always edit links from going to “Links->Edit”.

Additional Information:

Links are not usually used for Menus although some Themes may use a Link Category as a menu but usually they don’t.