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How To Manage WordPress Users

Every blog is going to be different and some blogs may have multiple users who’s access privileges vary. That is why WordPress offers a very easy to use and effective user management tool. Managing users in WordPress is not something every blogger will need to learn or even know about however if you want to temporarily give admin access to someone or you want to have multiple writers for your Blog then you have to learn to manage WordPress Users.

Video Tutorial:

Manage WordPress Users

Like I said managing WordPress users is very easy but I will briefly explain how to do that here. As always first you need to login to WordPress, then on the left you will see “Users” you can either click the drop down arrow or simply click the “Users” link which will allow you to manage current WordPress users. The other two options are self explanatory, “Add New” is to add a new user and “Your Profile” is to manage your own WordPress Profile.

Watch the video above to get a better understanding on how to manage WordPress users. Remember all the other WordPress Tutorials can be fond on the menu to the left.