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How To Install WordPress To Your Website


There are 2 ways you can install WordPress onto your website, which are using a script installer which will simply ask you some basic details and you just press install and it will do the rest. Then there is the manual way to install WordPress which involves you downloading the installation package from, uploading the installation files to your website and then going through the full installation process.

If you have purchased the hosting for your blog through Hostgator then you are able to quickly and easily install WordPress using Fantastico. The tutorial on this page will show you how to quickly and easily install WordPress using Fantastico through cPanel;

If you want to install WordPress to your website Manually go to this Tutorial “Installing WordPress Manually”. If you are with another hosting company other than Hostgator and this tutorial doesn’t work for you then click the link just mentioned.


Video Tutorial:



This tutorial requires that you have Fantastico (usually with CPanel) on your web server (if you are with Hostgator you will have this).

Step By Step Guide;

Step 1) Using your web browser open Fantastico for your Website, here is a tutorial on “How to open Fantastico

Step 2) Once you are on the Fantastico Home Page click on “WordPress” From the list on the left, it’s under the “Blogs” section.


Step 3) Now from the WordPress page you need to click the “New Installation” link from within the text.


Step 4) Now there are 3 section to fill out; Installation Location, Admin Access and Base Configuration. For the “Install in directory” part you want to enter the location you want to install WordPress too. If you want to install WordPress too “” leave it blank, if you want it installed too “” enter “blog” into the box.


Step 5) “Admin Access Data” will be the user name and password used to access the Admin section of WordPress once it is installed, so remember what you enter there.

Step 6) Now for the “Base Configuration” you need to enter an “Admin Nickname” which can be anything. You need to enter a “Admin E-mail”, this should be the email that you (or the Admin) check frequently.  You will also need to enter a “Site Name” and a “Description”, you can change these later also.

Step 7) Now click “Install WordPress”.


Step 8) Now you will see some details about the installation and a button that says “Finish installation”, click that and your done.


Additional Information:

If you could not install WordPress using Fantastico then you can try to “Install it manually”.

Since you now have WordPress installed you can start using the other Tutorials that will help you configure settings and customize WordPress to your liking. Remember WordPress Tutorials can be found on the menu to the left.