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How To Install Plugins In WordPress


Plugins are attachments you can add to increase the functionality of WordPress, if you need WordPress to do something there is usually a plugin that will help. Plugins are installed in the same way Themes are installed, so if you know how to install Themes this is going to be a breeze.



Step By Step Guide;

Step 1) Login to WordPress, if you don’t know how here is a tutorial on Logging into WordPress.

Step 2) From the left hand menu click on “Plugins” to expand the Plugin sub items. Once you can see the Plugin sub items click on “Add New”.


Step 3) Now you should see the “Install Plugins” page, from here you have 3 ways to view/install Plugins; you can select an item from the top horizontal (text) menu, you can perform a search and you can also search by Popular Tags. Click the image below to get a pop out picture that shows each section on the actual page.

{rokbox title=|Searching for new Pluings :: Here are the three different ways to search for WordPress Plugins.| thumb=|/images/stories/content/rokboxthumb/addnewfullthumb.gif| size=|788 414|}images/stories/content/creating/wordpress/install_plugin_installfull.gif{/rokbox}

Step 4) Any type of search you perform will result in a list of different Plugins, in the Actions column there will be an install link beside every Plugin. When you locate a Plugin that you want click the corresponding “Install” link. There will then be a pop up page that will display information about that Plugin, click the “Install Now” button from the top right.

Step 5) Once the Plugin is installed you will see a confirmation screen that gives you the option to “Activate Plugin” or “Return to Plugin Installer”. For the purpose of this tutorial click “Activate Plugin”.


Step 6) If there are any additional steps/information needed for a particular plugin it will be stated at the top of the page after you activate the plugin. Once you click “Activate Plugin” you will be sent to the “Manage Plugins” page where you will see all installed Plugins (Activated or not), from here you can edit all your installed Plugins and also remove any if necessary.