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How To Embed A YouTube Video Into Your Post

YouTube has become a part of pretty much every ones lives, in return it has also become a huge source of embedded videos. This means that there are a lot of websites and blogs out there that embed YouTube videos and for a good reason. When you host your video on YouTube it is basically free video hosting and it gives you the ability to have that video embedded to your website or blog. On top of that if you become a YouTube Partner you will also receive a passive income from anyone that watching the videos and sees/clicks the ads that get displayed. So when you think about it using YouTube Videos is a win win situation, you get free hosting and can even make money from videos. On the other hand you can even embed other users YouTube Videos into your website/blog, so you don’t even have to make the video.

Embed YouTube Video Into WordPress Video Tutorial:

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Finding A Video To Embed

Of course the best option here is to actually make the videos yourself as this gives you the potential to become a YouTube Partner one day and earn extra cash from your videos. Although not everyone will want to make their own videos and not every niche will give you the opportunity to make videos or even embed videos into your blog posts. When you do see an opportunity to use a video in your blog posts you should, videos that are relevant to a blog post give readers more to see and as you may know everyone loves video.

You don’t need to add video to every posts and you probably shouldn’t but when you feel a video would add more value to your post you should try and find one. It is pretty easy to find videos on YouTube, all you need to do is go to and enter in a bunch of different search phrases until you find the perfect video for your post.

Embedding A YouTube Video Into WordPress Posts

So now let’s say you found a video you want to embed into you post, how do you go about doing this. First you need to copy the “Embedding Code” offered by YouTube, You can find this by pressing the “Share” button under the video and then clicking the “Embed” button that is displayed. When you click the Embed button you will see some option you can change for the embedding code, things like video size, play in HD, etc. Just set it how you want and then copy the code in the box. This will then be the code you use to embed the video.


Remember that not every video will allow embedding and this can be displayed by the user who uploaded the video. So if you cannot find the section to copy the embedding code it could be because the user disallowed others to embed the video.

Now that you have copied the code it is time to embed it into your WordPress blog post. So from the page where you edit your posts before publishing them you need to click the “HTML” tab to the right of your toolbar. This will display your post so far in more of a HTML state which allows you to insert HTML code, which includes the embedded code for the YouTube Video we just copied. All you need to do is locate the position you want the video to show in and paste the code you copied from YouTube. Now you can click the “Visual” tab which is beside the “HTML” tab just pressed before and return to the normal view of editing your posts.


For a better understanding of how to embed YouTube Videos simply watch the video at the top of this page.