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How A Blog Can Make You Money

Most people that start a blog do so with the mindset of making some type of money in return, others simply make a blog for fun, among other reasons. If you are starting a blog with the intension of making money but not sure how you can actually make money with a blog this page should clear up all your questions. So, time to learn how a blog can make money;

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Quick Look At Blog Basics

To start with it will help you understand how a blog makes money if you know the basics about “what a blog is”. Blogs are still websites they are just different to what most people know a “Website” as, the term website is usually considered a “Content Website” with static (fixed) pages and a fixed navigation. A blog on the other hand is made up of mainly dynamic (changing) posts which are ordered by the date the posts were published. So whenever you add a new post to a blog it is added to the top of the list and is usually shown first when the blog is visited. This leads me onto the next point;

Understanding Blog Traffic

Even though a blog is still a website and the theory behind how you build up traffic to a blog differs to that of a standard Content Website. A Content Website gets traffic from building up static content that slowly builds up reputation over time. A Blog however builds traffic by regularly posting content which builds up your blogs reputation. Over time the blog acquires a higher reputation and an increasing following of loyal readers.

Unlike a Content Website which ends up receiving a lot of new visitors, due to the nature of the site, a blog’s traffic will be largely built up of returning visitors. It is also important to note that a Content Website will receive most of its visits to older content that has built up reputation, whereas a blog will have most the visitors reading the most recent posts made.

Turning Traffic Into Money

It doesn’t matter whether you have created a blog to make money, a content website or even a shopping website, how much money you can make will all come down to how much traffic you can generate. The method used to turn that traffic into money however will slightly vary from the different types of websites, the sources will be very similar though. Let’s look at why you should have a slight different approach with the different websites; A content site has many new visitors whereas a blog has many loyal returning visitors. With a blog you have more influence over the majority of your readers, with that influence though you need to be careful, you don’t want to lose their trust so you want to put thought into the best way to make money from your blog that doesn’t annoy your followers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money with a blog, affiliate marketing is where you promote someone else’s product and if anyone you send to their website buys that product you get a commission. Why is this the most popular way to make money with a blog? Think about what I said above how with a blog you have loyal followers who trust what you say. So when you promote an affiliate product and recommend they buy it, there is a higher change that they will buy it. With a content website affiliate marketing is good but you don’t have the same loyalty.

Now I did mention this above but I want to say it again now, you need to be careful what affiliate products you recommend. Remember you have the trust of your readers and if you promote a very poor quality affiliate product just to get money out of your readers you will lose that loyalty and trust. Make sure that anything you try to promote is actually quality and beneficial to your readers.


Advertising is another popular way to passively monetize a blog, you don’t need to try and talk people into clicking ads, in fact you are not allow too. Advertising just sits on your blog and every so often a visitor clicks an ad and you get a small payment for that click, if you are using pay per click ads. There are so many different ways to advertise that I will not get into them here but I will say the most common type is PPC (pay per click), which means you get a small payment any time an ad on your blog is clicked.

Advertising is a great addition to affiliate marketing, it is generally slower at making money but it is a constant passive income which helps fill the gaps between affiliate sales.

Ready To Blog Yet

If you haven’t started your blog yet but after reading this page know you definitely want to start making money with a blog then here are some links to help you get there;