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Getting Your Blogs Domain Name And Hosting Account

A blog is very similar to any other type of website and there are 2 things which are required (can’t make a blog without them) which are; a Domain Name and a Hosting account. Luckily a Domain Name and Hosting account are cheap, the domain is only going to cost you around $10-$15 per year and the hosting will vary depending on how long you sing up for. Of course if you pay for longer periods up front you save money but a popular payment method is to pay monthly, this comes in at around about $8 a month which is still very cheap.

Tutorial Video:

Hostgator Signup Page

Your Blog Domain Name

So the first thing you need to do is know what Domain Name you want to register for your blog, you should know this by now, if you have no idea what your domain name you want to use then you can check out the starter tutorials (located in the menu on the left). If you have an idea of what you want (or at least know what you want to do your blog on) then you can continue and the step by step guide will help you through, or simply watch the video tutorial above.

It is best to register your first Domain Name with Hostgator as they will link your Domain Name and Hosting Account for your Blog for you, more about that below.

Your Blog Hosting

Now since you will be using WordPress to run your Blog (WordPress is the best Blogging software and I would recommend nothing else) I will suggest you go with Hostgator, Hostgator are the best hosting company I have found and I now host every single one of my websites (blogs included) with them. Plus they offer hosting which is perfect for blogging and every single one of my tutorials will be done using Hostgator as the host, so to perfectly follow my tutorials it is best to use Hostgator.

It is time to Officially get your blog, the image below is a link to the Hostgator signup website for WordPress Hosting. It is an affiliate link meaning that if you click that link it will let Hostgator know I sent you and I will receive a commission. My entire website and tutorials are free for you to use and this is the only way I make money (affiliate, advertising, etc) so please help me out and use the link below, or the link below the video.

Hostgator Signup Page

Step By Step Guide:

Step 1) So the first step is going to be actually going to the Hostgator website, “Click Here To Go To Hostgator Site”, yes this is my affiliate link (explained in the note above), or you can click the following image.


Step 2) After clicking one of the links to send you to the Hostgator website you should be on a page talking about “WordPress Hosting” all you need to do here is look down the page a little bit until you see that 3 “Hosting Plan” boxes, each have an “Order Now” button on them. Here is where you choose a hosting plan. I recommend either the “Hatchling Plan” or the “Baby Plan”, don’t worry about the “Business Plan” it is just an extra cost for features you will never use on a blog.

Breaking it down to the basics; Choose the “Hatchling Plan” if you are only making one Blog and you don’t think you will be making any other websites in the future. Choose the “Baby Plan” if you think you may want to create another type of website later (Blog, Forum, Content Site, etc) as the baby plan allows you to host multiple websites, the “Hatchling Plan” is cheaper but only allows you to host the one website.


Step 3) Once you clicked order on the Plan you wanted you should now see the page called “Step 1 Choose a Domain”. You will notice there are 2 options here; “Register a New Domain” or “I Currently Have a Domain Name”. Unless you have already purchased a “Domain Name” elsewhere I suggest you ignore the second box and use “Register a New Domain”. This way the Domain Name you register will be linked to your Blog Hosting Account for you, making it much easier.

Now you want to enter the Domain Name you want into the box under “Enter Domain Name”. Enter the Domain you want without the www. Or the .com, for example say you wanted “” all you would enter is “yoursite” (without the”” around the name), you will notice the .com is already there in another box at the end of that line, you can change the .com to a .net or .org if you want but I recommend getting a .com. When you are ready click “Continue to Step 2”.

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Note: Remember that a lot of domain names are already taken and you may have to play around with the wording of your domain name to find one that is available.

Step 4) Once you have found an available domain name that you want and you have click the “continue” button you will see the page “Step 2: Billing Information”. This is the last step page before you have your blog. You will need fill in the section asking for your Username and Security Pin, make sure you write down your username and pin so that you don’t forget them. Then simply fill in your Billing Information and Payment option (you can pay with Credit Card or PayPal).


Read over the summary of your order at the bottom of the page and then click the “Create Account” button and you have your blog.

Step 5) After you have paid for your account you will receive an email with details about your order and also details about your new hosting account. It may take up to 20 minutes for your account to be fully set up but for me this is usually less than 2 minutes.

Tutorials For Your New Hosting Account

Now that you have your Hostgator Hosting Account you can set up your own unique email addresses and a number of other stuff. Hostgator use CPanel as the control panel for their hosting accounts, to learn everything you need to know about CPanel you can check out my Tutorials on master CPanel at “Your Guide To CPanel” after that you can move onto “Installing WordPress To Your New Website