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Finding New Blog Posts Ideas

When you first start your blog you may find that you have a decent amount of different blog posts you could do. However it is very common to hit a point with your blog when you think you have nothing left to talk about, if you don’t know how to find new blogging ideas then you may be in for some trouble. It is always a good idea to have a rough outline of what you will be blogging about a few weeks in advance that way when you do think you are running out of ideas you have time to find some.

New Blog Post Ideas Video Tutorial:

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Where To Find Blogging Ideas

You would be surprised at the amount of different places you can find new blogging ideas, of course I can’t just list a bunch of links here saying go here to find new blog post ideas. Since every blog will have a different niche, where you look for ideas will vary but it is always good to look at what your competition is doing. I don’t mean copy them but you can look at what they are posting about and use that to help come up with new ideas for yourself.

Another great place to look for blog post ideas is in a forum that is related to the niche of your blog. Why is this a good place, because there are actual people asking questions and talking about topics/issues that relate to your blog. If someone asks a question in a forum then it is likely that other people have the exact same question, including people that read your blog. So question that you can find in forums on a related niche are a great resource for coming up with new blog post ideas.

Keeping Track Of Everything

It is a good idea to set up an email account that is subscribed to all these different places where you can get blogging ideas before you run out of ideas yourself. This way when you do run out of ideas you will have a bunch of different emails queued up that will be full of information that will help you find new ideas.

I recommend setting up a separate Gmail account for this specific reason, only use this Gmail account to subscribe to related blogs and other sources of information. Plus a great feature you can enable for this new Gmail account is Google Alerts.

Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a great feature that allows you to setup to be notified when new/interesting content is being index into the Google network. You set it up so that you only receive new content/information on certain keywords. This is very useful to help you come up with new ideas, you simple setup Google Alerts to notify you on new information about keywords that directly related to the niche of your blog.

Once you have everything setup and you are subscribed to a bunch of related blogs you will be surprised at how much different content you have coming into you “Blog Ideas” email account on a daily basis. Used correctly and you will never have an issue with running out of things to blog about.