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Exactly What You Will Need To Run A Blog

When you break it down a blog is still just like any other type of website, it is simply a different way of organizing content. This means that running your own blog requires the same as running any website, with the exception of what you install onto the websites after.

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Domain Name For Your Blog

So the first thing any website needs is a Domain Name, a Domain Name is simply the URL (link) used to direct traffic to your website hosing account. A Domain Name is essentially the name of your website, for example everyone knows Google, well as you may know Google’s domain name is “”.

So your blog is going to need its own Domain Name, it is best to figure out what Domain Name you want to use for you blog after you know what Niche/Topic you are doing your blog on. If you don’t know what Niche you are doing your blog on yet you can get help deciding here “Choosing Your Blogs Niche” after you have done that you can get help choosing a good Domain Name from this tutorial “Choosing A Good Domain Name For Your Blog”.

Website Hosting For Your Blog

Once you know what Domain Name you want to use for your blog it is time to purchase your Domain Name and Website Hosting Account. Website hosting is vital to your blog, this is where all the actual files that make up your blog will be installed and stored for everyone around the world to access your blog. It is important to get a really good website host which is why I only recommend one Hosting Company, my reason for doing so is to remove any confusion of trying to find a good website hosting company and to make sure that you get the best website hosting for your blog. I will explain more about website hosting and exactly how to get you own domain name and website hosting for your blog at “Getting Your Blog’s Domain And Hosting Account”.


A Blogging Platform – WordPress

So once you have the requirements for starting any type of website, a Domain Name and Hosting Account, you are ready to install the web application that effectively turns your website into a blog. This is of course the Blogging Platform you will use to run your blog, here is where WordPress shines. WordPress is by far the most popular and best blogging platform available and is the only one I recommend using, best of all installing and using WordPress is 100% free.

Once you have your Domain and Hosting Account for your blog you will be ready to use my other tutorials available on this website to help you install and master WordPress. You will be able to see a list of all the available WordPress Tutorials from the menu on the left, this menu will be visible when you navigate to any WordPress Tutorial Page within my website.

Is That All I Need?

For a standard blog yes that is all you will need. Once you have your blog up and running you can add things to your blog through the administration side of WordPress, they are called Plugins and increase the functionality of your WordPress blog. But the only things you require to run your blog are the three things mentioned above; A Domain Name, Hosting Account and the WordPress Blogging Platform. The cost of everything is very cheap also; the Domain Name is a small yearly few of around $10-$15, website hosting is around $8 per month (which is cheap) and WordPress is absolutely free. Plus all my Tutorials to teach you all you need to know about running your WordPress Blog are 100% free.