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Customizing Your WordPress Blog

To start customizing WordPress you first need to have WordPress installed and setup on your domain for your blog. If you haven’t done this yet there are a bunch of tutorials to help you get your WordPress blog up and running and you can start at “How To Start A Blog” or if you think you’re ready you can jump straight into “Getting Your Blogs Domain Name And Hosting Account”.

WordPress Themes

By now you would have logged into the backend or the admin side of WordPress and see some of the basics settings WordPress allows you to change. It is actually quite surprising how much WordPress actually allows you to customize. The most noticeable feature for customizing the look of your WordPress blog is through the use of Themes. Themes can allow you to change the entire look of your blog with a few simple clicks. To go even further if you get a good quality theme there will also be many options that allow you to customize the theme to exactly how you want it.

Tutorial: How To Change Your WordPress Theme

WordPress Plugins And Widgets

On top of being able to change your entire blog by simply changing the active theme you can also install and manage hundreds of different plugins in WordPress that all do different things. There is a massive database of plugins which you can search and install any you wish to use, you can find plugins to perform pretty much anything you need them too. Some plugins also contain a widget, widgets are blocks of functionality which you can add to the frontend of your WordPress blog, meaning to the side of your blog that visitors see. Widgets can be things like calendars, polls, signup forms, rotating images, etc, pretty much anything you need.

Tutorial: How To Manage Plugins In WordPress
Tutorial: How To Use Widgets In WordPress

Further Customizing WordPress

To go even further WordPress also allows you to personalize or customize the backend or the admin side of WordPress. As you might already know when you first log into the admin side of WordPress you are presented with what is called the “Dashboard”. This dashboard can be edited or customized to show whatever you want it to. You can set it to show recent comments on your blog, if you have a plugin that tracks your blog statistics you can have it show your daily stats, etc.

Tutorial: How To Customize Your WordPress Dashboard

Other WordPress Customization Tutorials

More Tutorials to come, if you would like to recommend a tutorial for me to make please use the link at the bottom of any page in my site for “Request a Tutorial”.