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Customizing The Dashboard For WordPress

When you login to the administration side of WordPress the first page you are confronted with is the Dashboard. Since this is a very common page you see and WordPress allows it to be customized, then why not make it more useful and custom to you. I am going to explain how to edit and customize your dashboard for WordPress in steps from how to change the order/view of items to adding new items and changing the layout.

Customizing Your WordPress Dashboard Video Tutorial:


Rearranging Your WordPress Dashboard

The first WordPress dashboard customization step you should learn is how to rearrange the active widgets on your dashboard already. So the different dashboard widgets are basically the different blocks of content that make up your dashboard. Each block can be dragged around and moved to a desired location simply clicking and holding the bar at the top of the block, this is where the title for the block is, the image below will help make more sense.


Changing the Layout of Your WordPress Dashboard

Now that you know how to move your Dashboard widgets around let’s look at how to remove them and also how to change the basic layout of your dashboard. From the dashboard in the top right hand corner you will see a little tab like button called “Screen Options”, click that.


You should now be confronted with the ability to select or deselect different widgets to be shown on the dashboard page, under the heading “Show on screen”. You can tick or un-tick whatever widgets you want to show or not. Just under that option you should see a title “Screen Layout” this allows you to select how many columns you want to have on your WordPress dashboard, personally I like 2 columns but change it to whatever you want. Switch it to each different option and have a look at what happens.

Installing New Dashboard Plugins/Widgets

Now that you know how to rearrange different WordPress dashboard widgets and also how to show or hide them we can look at installing new widgets to further customize your Dashboard.

If you don’t know how to install or find new plugins in WordPress yet you should check out my tutorial “How To Use WordPress Plugins”.

Installing widgets for your WordPress dashboard is done though the WordPress plugin installer. So all you need to do is enter “dashboard” into the search box when searching the plugin database and then you should be presented with a bunch of different dashboard related plugins. You can sift through and find plugins you like, one plugin I like is the Google analytics one, basically it shows a snapshot of your Google analytics for your WordPress blog right there on your Dashboard.