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Configuring The General Settings For WordPress


General Settings cover things like; Blog Title, Tagline, Blog Address, Timezone, Date Format, etc. These are options that you should change to suit your site as soon as you have installed WordPress. Let’s get straight into it.


Step By Step Guide;

Step 1) Login to WordPress.

Step 2) From the menu on the left select “Settings” then click on “General”.


Step 3) Now you need to change each setting to suit/match your Blog, click on the image below for a more detailed look at the General Settings.

{rokbox title=|Editing General Settings.| thumb=|/images/stories/content/rokboxthumb/addnewfullthumb.gif| size=|788 414|}images/stories/content/creating/wordpress/general_settings_fullpage.gif{/rokbox}

Step 4) Once you have changed all the settings and click “Save Changes” you are done, however I want to quickly run over one other settings page. “Permalinks”, changing the Permalink settings will change how the URLs are displayed for each page. From the Settings menu on the left click on “Permalinks” and then click the image below to see an explanation for the “Permalink Settings” page.

{rokbox title=|Editing Permalink Settings.| thumb=|/images/stories/content/rokboxthumb/addnewfullthumb.gif| size=|788 414|}images/stories/content/creating/wordpress/general_settings_permafull.gif{/rokbox}

Step 5) Done