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Choosing A Niche For Your Blog

I know when most people think about starting a blog for the first time they think there is nothing they could write about. This is far from the truth, you will be surprised at the different Niches that you could possible use for your blog.

Video Tutorial:

Download Worksheet PDF
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In case you are unsure what a niche is, simply put it is the topic/theme for your blog (or website). You want to make sure that your blog focuses on only a single niche, if you try to start a blog on multiple niches then you will most likely fail and not receive any traffic. Search engines like Google will not rank a website/blog well if the content within are on multiple topics, with the exception of huge sites like Wikipedia or, etc. Trust me when I say you do not want to compete with those sites.

Skills, Hobbies and Interests

Do you have any skills, hobbies or interests? I am going to take it you said yes, if you said no you are lying, if you are reading this page you are interested in starting a blog, and that is an interest. The best niche for you to choose is one that is a skill you have, a hobby you do or something that you are interested in, I will go through these in more detail soon.

First I want you to print out the PDF (Choosing A Niche For Your Blog – Worksheet), simply right click the link in the brackets and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" (the exact wording for the button to save the file will be different from browser to browser) to download the PDF Worksheet. Now as you read though each of the following explanations or skills, hobbies and interests I want you to note down your skills, hobbies and interests on the printout.

Write Down All Your Skills

So the first column on the worksheet is “Skills”. A skill is something that you can actually do, everyone has learnt many different skills throughout their lives which other people would love to learn about. Websites/blogs that are based on a Skill someone has are often seen as “How To” style websites and are very popular. Here is a small example list of skills that someone could have used on the worksheet;

  • HTML Programmer
  • Car Repairs (like a mechanic)
  • Computer Service Technician (Repairs computers)
  • Writing Books
  • Knitting
  • Etc (basically anything you can actually do)

Some Skills may seem very close to what you would call a hobby and vise versa however it doesn’t matter if you don’t have each skill and hobby perfectly entered under the right heading, this is all about getting down ideas.

Write Down All Your Hobbies

The second column on the worksheet is hobbies, so we want to start thinking of our hobbies. Hobbies are things that we do for fun, if you ride dirt bikes for fun then that is a hobby and I am pretty sure there will be other people out there that have the same hobby as you and would possible find your blog. Here are some examples of hobbies;

  • Dirt bike riding (as mentioned above)
  • Racing remote control cars
  • Collecting some type of collectable (like stamps)
  • Snowboarding (unless you are a pro then it could be a skill)
  • Bodybuilding (Keeping Fit)
  • Etc

Write Down All Your Interests

By now you should have a bunch of things written down with only the third column on the worksheet empty. So it’s time to write down all your interest, these are simply things you are interested in. There are quite a few blogs out there that are purely built on interests and are hugely popular. A great example here would be politics, personal opinions on politics, there are many blogs on that. Interest are something people usually get excited about and/or love talking about. Personally I am very interested in stuff related to space, like what they find on mars, etc and I know there are millions of other people out there that are also interested in it. So interests are also good to use as niches for blogs. Anyway here is a list of different types of interests;

  • Space travel (or anything else related to space stuff)
  • Reading (Can do like a book club blog)
  • Car Racing (many different types)
  • 2012 Predictions (don’t have long for that one but some of you will know what I mean by this)
  • Religion (It is amazing how many people make a blog or website about their church)
  • Sports (all the different sports; cricket, soccer, AFL (it’s an Australian sport), etc)
  • Etc.

So basically interest are things you are really interested in but don’t actually do, as you can tell from the examples above, I am interested in space travel but I don’t actually do it.

Selecting Your Top Picks

So now you should have something written in the 3 columns at the top of the worksheet and you will notice there is one more section underneath. This is where we will write in a handful of different niches (skills, hobbies and interests) that we have written in the three columns above. So what you need to do is read through what you have written down so far and then select all your favorite ones that you could see yourself writing a blog on. This will give you a decent list of potential Niches for your blog, take some time and consider each one, try and pick the one you would like to do the most, for some of you this may be very hard.

Now that you have a selection of Niches you could possible use (that’s if you haven’t already decided on which one you want to do) it is time to “Choose A Good Domain Name For Your Blog”, simply click the link to go to the tutorial. Then when you are ready to actually get your domain name and hosting account to officially start your own blog check out “Getting Your Blog’s Domain Name And Hosting Account