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Choosing A Good Domain Name For Your Blog

I want to start by explaining in a little more detail exactly what a Domain Name is. So we know that a Domain Name looks like this “” or “”. Domain Names act like a link that “Links” people with the content for you website when the Domain Name is entered or click on.

A great example is comparing it to someone’s home address. If you want someone to be able to find your house (website hosting account, where your website files are stored) then you give them your home address (Domain Name) and then they use that address to find your house. I hope that didn’t confuse you more. So the Domain Name is like an address which directs people to the website files stored on your website hosting account, without it no one would be able to visit your website.

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Domain Names Extensions

As you may know Domain Names can have many different extensions, each with a different meaning. The most commonly known are .com, .org and .net but you can also get country specific ones like (Australian), (UK, obvious), .us (US) and also others like .tv, .info, .me, etc.

Now if you are making a general blog then you definitely want to go with a .com, they are the most common and are also global. If you went for a then your blog would only really be seen by people in the UK and you want to get as many visitors as possible. Usually country specific Domain Names are used for shops that only ship within that country and other stuff that only relates the that country.

So unless you know exactly what domain extension you want to use I recommend you use a .com. No matter what Domain Name you decide to go with and whatever extension you use I still recommend you use Hostgator to host your blog.

Running Thin

Now you are most likely going to be choosing a Domain Name for your blog with the .com extension which unfortunately brings a few issues with it. Since .com is the most recommend extension to use it is also by far the most popular, this means that there are huge amounts of people constantly registering .com domains. Which results in most of the 100, 000 Domain Names registered every day being .com’s. So your first choice for a Domain Name will most likely be taken and you are going to have to play around with the wording of your Domain Name a bit until you find one that is available.

You do not want to put off registering your Domain Name and getting your website as the longer you wait the more domains that are registered and a good potential name for you could get taken.

Figuring Out A Domain For Your Blog

Since all the good short Domain Names will almost definitely be taken you need to put some effort and creativity into choosing yours. First step is to decide if you are going to go with a brand name domain or a descriptive Domain Name. By this I mean like “” as a brand name domain as Google is a search engine but the Domain Name does not describe a search engine at all. Where as you could use a descriptive domain like “” which describes exactly what that website is about.

For a blog it is usually best to go with more of a descriptive Domain Name, something like “”. If you find the domain you want is taken then you can try to play around with the words, for the Toms Domain Name one you could try things like “”, “”, “”, etc. It is also important to note that Domain Names are case insensitive, so if you use capitals like I did above they would be converted to lowercase I just capitalize them to make it easier for you to read.

Back when the internet first started Domain Names contributed a great deal to the ranking of your website within search engines. However search engines have evolved and released that Domain Names are getting harder to find that exactly describe the website, therefore Domain Names do not affect your search engine rankings much anymore.

Domain Name And Your Visitors

When trying to work out your Domain Name keep your visitors in mind. Word of mouth can be very helpful to your traffic and loyal follows for your blog, so you will want to make sure that your Domain Name isn’t too hard for people to pass on. For instance say your domain was “” there are 2 hyphens in that Domain Name and not in any type of order, so if someone wanted to tell someone else about your website they would have a hard time explaining what your Domain Name is.

So try to keep it simple and if possible don’t use any hyphens, underscores or anything like that. I know, I know, I used hyphens in my Domain Name but I also purchased the Domain Name “” and have it redirect to this website.

Write Down A Few Candidates

By now you should have a good idea of how you should choose your Domain Name and you should start writing (or at least thinking about) a few different Domain Names you could use. Remember that there are so many .com domains taken then you will like need to try a few different ones before you find one that is available.

Getting Your Blog’s Domain Name

Now you should be ready to secure your own Domain Name and hosting account for your WordPress blog. There are actually 2 ways you can register your Domain Name; first you can register it bundled with your hosting account in which case the hosting company will link the Domain Name to the hosting account for you for free, or you can purchase your Domain Name from a domain registration company and then buy your hosting account separately and link the domain to your hosting account yourself.

I highly recommend that you purchase your Domain Name and hosting account together, this way the domain and hosting account are linked for you and you are ready to start creating your blog straight away.

For this I highly recommend you use Hostgator to register your Domain Name and buy your WordPress Blog Hosting Account. I have a tutorial to step you through this entire process, you can find that tutorial here “Get a Domain Name and Hosting Account For Your WordPress Blog