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Adding Images To Your WordPress Posts/Pages

Images have been part of the internet from the earliest stages and are now basically a requirement to at least add Image to your some of your Websites pages or your blog posts. Since it is extremely common to add image to blog posts WordPress has been created to make it very, very easy.

You don’t need to add an image to every single post you make on your blog but it is a good idea to try and find decent related images for as many posts as you can. Images give the readers of your blog more to look at and it increases the visual appeal of your blog, which is always a good thing.

Adding Images To WordPress Posts Video Tutorial:

Video Coming Soon

Where To Find Images To Use

If you don’t have any images of your own or you cannot make any images to use on your blog don’t worry there are many places you can get images to use online. However when you get images from the net you have to be careful that you don’t break any copyright laws, this is why it is best to use specific image sites that allow you to freely use their image on your website/blog. There are some free images but there are also images where you have to pay for the right to use them in your blog posts, this is usually pretty cheap and worth it since the images are better.

There are many different sites for this so instead of listing website I will say go to Google and type in the search “Stock Images’’ or “Stock Photos” and there will be plenty of results. Simply look through the different sites to see if they offer free images or paid images, find one you like and sign up. Most of the image on these sites will have links to the copyright information for each image which lets you know how freely you can use that image.

How To Insert An Image Into WordPress Posts

This is the easy part, once you have found the image you want to insert into your post. From the post editing page simply click on the “Insert Image” Icon you will find this above the section you enter your post content into and beside the text “Upload/Insert”, it is the first icon.


Now you should see the “Add an Image” box pop out. Here you can choose where the image is located, most often this will be saved somewhere on your computer so all you need to do is click the “Select Files” button and then locate the image and click “Open”. The file/image will upload and you can then change some settings for that image and click the “Insert Into Post” button when you are done.


For a better understanding of how to insert image I suggest watching the video at the top of this page.