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Website With Joomla Explained

By now you are likely interested in create a website but are still a little unsure as to what exactly Joomla is and why you should use it. There are a few different ways you can make a website, the first which is the most well known is but hand coding a website from scratch. Hand coding a website is very hard and would require you to go through a massive learning curve to be able to hand code a website, not to mention that it would likely look poor. I’m not being cruel or anything but there is just way too much to learn in order to be able to create a professional looking website by hand coding it.

Luckily you don’t have to hand code a website though, it is actually uncommon for people to code their own websites now and it’s usually only done by larger companies that have a team of web developers (that is the only case I would recommend hand coding).


Why Use Joomla To Create Your Website

Ok so I have mentioned why you won’t be hand coding your own website, now I want to explain why you really do want to use Joomla to make your website. Joomla is what’s called a Content Management System and is a website application that you install to your website. There are other web applications for different things like making a blog, making a shopping website, forum, etc. There are even other Content Management Systems that aim to do the same as Joomla, however Joomla is by far the best and most popular so I won’t waste your time by talking about any of the others.

I extremely recommend using Joomla to create your website, take a look at my website I am currently using Joomla.

Just like you install a program/game onto your own computer, Joomla is installed onto your website hosting account and basically runs your entire website. I will list a bunch of features now on why I believe you should use Joomla and give you a little explanation on each.

  • No HTML Coding Ever Needed
    Joomla removes the need to know any type of website coding, everything is done using a easy to use point and click user interface. Don’t underestimate the power of Joomla, even though you don’t have to know any coding at all the quality of websites you can make will greatly out do anything you could create by hand coding.

  • Website Creation Is Extremely Fast
    Since you don’t need to actually code anything once Joomla is installed your website is ready to go. Plus I have a tutorial (with video) that shows you exactly how to install Joomla making this step that much easier.

  • Joomla Is 100% Free
    Joomla is 100% free for you to use and all updates made for Joomla are also free. This is because there is no single company that own Joomla. Joomla is what’s called open source and is coded by professionals all over the world, this is good as it is free and will always be free.

  • Huge Collection Of Templates
    Joomla makes use of Templates which are used to display your website, basically what template you use will determine the general look of your website. There are so many templates for Joomla it’s crazy, you will definitely be able to find a template that you love. Another benefit of Joomla using templates is that you can easily change the entire look of your website simply by changing the active template. There are even paid templates that you can buy, these are usually extremely good and very profession looking.

  • Extensions To Add Any Type Of Functionality
    Joomla allows you to install extensions, extensions are very easy to install and can add pretty much any type of functionality you want. Extensions are made by other Joomla users and added to the Global Joomla Extension Database which you have access too. It is crazy what type of extensions you can get, you can get an extension that actually adds an entire forum to your Joomla website. There are other extensions to help with displaying videos, images, even calendar, file downloading management, contact me forms, etc.

  • All Your Content Is Managed For You
    Joomla has an administration side which is where you control everything from, this is also where you add your content in the form of articles (that’s what they are called in Joomla) which is basically all the content you want on a page. For example I added this article you are reading now “Joomla Websites Explained”. Once you have an article added to Joomla it has the entire page automatically made so you only add the text (images/video/etc) and Joomla will add it to the correct spot within the template to create a new web page. Creating menus, links, etc I explain in another Joomla Tutorial.
  • Security
    As you may know there’s a lot of people out there that look for ways to “hack” into your computer and websites and there are a lot of viruses, etc. When you create your own website by hand coding it you have to know about all the security risks and be ready for them. Joomla is coded by professionals and is coded extremely well which reduces any type of security risks, plus whenever there is a known security risk there is an update released that fixes it.

  • Easily Add New Pages/Content To Your Website At Anytime
    Since Joomla manages your content for you, you are able to add a new page anytime you want and very easily. All you do is add the new article/content and Joomla automatically creates the new website. Very simple and easy for you to manage your website.

  • Comes With User Management
    If you wanted to make a membership website this is very easy to do with Joomla. Joomla comes with built in user management, this means you can allow people to sign up to your website and become members with their own username and password. This is very easy to set up and if you wanted to enable members for your website all you need to do is click a button to enable member registrations.
  • Small Learning Curve
    Joomla has a pretty small learning curve for new comers and this is made much smaller and easier with all the different tutorials I offer to teach you how to use Joomla.


So that covers a bunch of different reasons why you should use Joomla and I really hope you do, you won’t regret it. By now you should have decided that you do want to make a website using Joomla, so to learn how to get your own Joomla website check out this tutorial “Getting Your Joomla Website”.