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Setting Up Joomla Security Plugin "JSecure"

In general Joomla is pretty secure as long as you keep up to date with Joomla updates. However Joomla has one big flaw, in my opinion, which is the administration login panel. Anyone can tell that you are using Joomla simply by trying to access, this is actually pretty bad in my opinion. Joomla also allows you to keep trying different passwords which actually gives anyone the potential to try and guess your password for awhile since the majority of Joomla admin accounts use “admin” as the default administrator username.

Fortunately there is an easy fix for this issue and that is by using a Joomla security extension called “JSecure”. JSecure allows you to actually change the login URL for the administration side of Joomla. This is done by using a secret key, for example you would usually login to Joomla administration by going to, however using JSecure you can add an access key needed to load the login page. Say you used an access key as “mykey” then you would need to enter, if you do not enter the access key or you enter the wrong access key the page will be redirected to your sites homepage and you won’t even be able to attempt to login.

Increasing Joomla Security With JSecure Video Tutorial:

Finding And Installing JSecure

Note: I should mentions that JSecure is not a free extension and costs a little bit, it is really cheap at I believe around $10. This is an extension that I do recommend using and I will not receive any type of commission from recommending this.

You can find JSecure 2 different ways the most common way is to simply search the Joomla Extension Database for “JSecure” (HERE) or you can go straight to the official website of the developers. You can find the developers website HERE where you will need to sign up as a member and purchase this extension before you can download it.

Once you have downloaded JSecure it is simple to install, you install it just like any other extension, if you don’t know how check out the tutorial “How To Install Extensions In Joomla”. When you first install JSecure by default it is still disabled, this is to make sure you know what the access key is before you activate the extension, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to log back into Joomla administration.

When you have installed JSecure you will find it under the “Components” menu, just click on the main heading for JSecure. The page that loads should tell you that JSecure is not active and give you the ability to enable it, before you do though you should set the access key to something you will not forget. It is probably a good idea to write the key down somewhere too because if you forget what you access key is then you will not be able to load the Joomla Admin Login page.

Access Joomla After Activating JSecure

With JSecure installed and activated with you access key you will no longer be able to access Joomla Admin by going to You will now have to include your access key shown in the following example;