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Managing Module Positions In Joomla 1.5


Modules can be thought of as blocks that help build up your website, blocks that can contain things like news flashes, polls, video player, member login, menus, top 5 most popular articles, etc. You can add modules that pretty much do anything you want them too.

Now to the point of this tutorial, when you display a module on a page you can choose where it is displayed, this is referred to as the “Module Position”. Each template will have different Module Positions and some templates will have much more than others.




Step By Step Guide;

Step 1) Login to Joomla, tutorial on “How to Login to Joomla

Step 2) Once logged in from any page you can select “Extensions” from the top horizontal menu and then click on “Module Manager”.


Step 3) Once you are on the Module Manager page you will see a list of all the current modules, for the purpose of this tutorial I am going to pick on at random. I’m going to select the “Main Menu” module, you can choose any you want.

Note: All menus will appear as modules and can be placed where ever you like on your website.


Step 4) Once you select a Module to edit you can see the Parameters, Details and Menu Assignment for the module. For this tutorial we are interested in “Position” and “Order” from the “Details” sections and also the Menu Assignment section. The Position will determine where on the page the module will be displayed and the Order will be used if there is more than one module in that position. The Position option will have different values (positions) depending on the template installed, a lot will be self explanatory but some won’t be. You might have to play with a few values to learn where each different position is displayed on the page, change the position then refresh your Frontend pages and see where the different positions are.


Step 5) Now you can choose the “Menu Assignments”, this is where you get to choose which pages this module will appear on. The Menu option allows you to add this module to “All” pages, “None” and “Select Menu Item(s) from the List”. If you want to select items from the list make sure the “Select Menu Item(s)...” is selected and then hold down “Ctrl” on your keyboard and select multiple items from the list, if you only want to select 1 item you don’t need to hold down “Ctrl”.


Step 6) Once you are done click “Save” from the top right, if you are changing different positions to see where the module will be displayed on your page you can click “Apply” from the top right. This way the settings will be saved but this page will stay open so you can make more changes.