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How To Structure Content In Joomla 1.5


This tutorial is on how to structure your Joomla website so it’s not going to be a straight forward exact step by step. I want to explain a bit first, originally I was going to separate this into 3 parts; Creating Sections Tutorial, Creating Categories Tutorial and then a Structuring Joomla article. However they tie in better if I do it all in one and also creating sections and categories is very easy so they would have been tiny tutorials. So let’s get started.

Joomla is structured using Sections, Categories and Articles; Sections are at the top of the tree and are used as major headings which then contain multiple Categories (which are like Sub Headings). Then each Page/Article/Document (whatever you want to call it) is stored under one of the Categories. For an example, one of my sections is “Create” and I have multiple categories under that section like Joomla, CPanel, etc. Then in each of those categories I have multiple articles.

Here is an image I hope helps you understand it:


Now let’s move on to actually adding Sections and Categories.



Step By Step Guide;

Step 1) Login to Joomla, tutorial on “How To Login To Joomla Here”.

Creating Sections

Step 2) First we want to create a Section since they are at the top of the tree. You can access the “Section Manager” either by clicking the “Section Manager” Icon on the Admin Home Page (This is the page you see when you first login). Or you can select “Content” from the top horizontal menu and click on “Section Manager”.


Step 3) You will now see a list of Sections, if you installed the sample data when you installed Joomla there will be a small list already here. For now we just want to create a new Section, so click the “New” Icon from the top right.


Step 4) Now you will need to enter the “Title” for the new section and an “Alias”. The Alias is the text that will be used in the URL, no spaces allowed and if left blank it will simply use the Tile and replace spaces with hyphens. You want to set Published to yes and for now it is best to leave the Access Level set to Public.


Step 5) For the Description just enter a basic description about this Section for now, it can be changed later if you decide you need it.

Step 6) Click “Save” from the top right.


Add however many sections you want/need, you can always edit/add/delete these later.

Creating Categories

Step 7) Now we want to create some categories for those sections. From the top horizontal menu select “Content” and then click “Category Manager”.


You will now see a list of Categories (each assigned to a Section), again if you installed the sample data then you see a list of the sample Categories which should give you a better understanding of the use of Categories.

Step 8) We want to make a new Category so click the “New” icon from the top right.


Step 9) This is basically Step 4 and 5 again, so repeat those steps here. No point in me saying the exact same steps again.

Step 10) When done click “Save”


Additional Information:

You can create as many Sections and Categories as you need and you can always come back and edit them. If you still don’t understand how the Sections and Categories are used to structure your site then have a look at the Sample data that you should have installed when installing Joomla. If you go to “Content->Article Manager” you will see a list of all the sample articles, have a look at the Sections and Category Columns to see how they are stored, maybe that will help you understand.