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How To Make A Full Backup Of Your Joomla 1.5 Website


One thing every webmaster (anyone who owns a website) should be doing is making constant FULL Backups of their website(s). The last thing you want is to spend weeks building up this impressive, content rich, awesome website just to lose the whole thing (it is extremely rare to “lose” a website but always expect the unexpected). So this tutorial will cover an extension for Joomla that lets you make full backups for your Joomla website.

The Extension you will need for this is call “Akeeba Backup Core (formerly JoomlaPack)“ click the title to go to the download page.



Step By Step Guide;

Step 1) Download the “Akeeba Backup Core (formerly JoomlaPack)“ extension (click the title to go to the download page). 

Step 2) Login to Joomla, tutorial on “How to Login to Joomla 1.5

Step 3) Install the extension normally, if you don’t know how to install extensions check out this tutorial “How to install Extensions in Joomla 1.5”.

Step 4) Once installed you can access “Akeeba Backup Core” by going to “Components” from the top horizontal menu, then  “Akeeba Backup” and first off we want to click on “Configuration”.


Step 5) Now it is recommended to change the default output directory before making any backups, so that’s what we are going to do now. Under the “Basic Configuration” section you can see the option “Output Directory”, you need to change this to where you want your backups to be stored after a full website backup is done.


If you are unsure what to do here then you can simply keep it similar and only change the end directory.  Normally the Output Directory is “....../com_akeeba/backup” you could change it to something like “..../com_akeeba/bkup132” just something different from the default.

Step 6) Once you have changed the Output Directory click “Save” from the top right, I don’t recommend changing any other settings unless you know what you are doing.


Step 7) Now you can go to “Components” from the top menu, then “Akeeba Backup” and then click on “Backup Now”.


Step 8) From the “Backup Now” page you can enter a “Short description” and any “Backup Comments” you want. I usually leave the “Short description” as it states the exact date and time of the backup. In the comments I would add things like before I installed such and such component, etc. When you are ready click “Backup Now”.


Step 9) You will now see a progress bar as Akeeba Backup makes a backup of your Joomla website. Once the backup is finished you can click on “Administer Backup Files” if you would like to download your current backup, you can also use an FTP Client like FileZilla to download your backups.

Additional Information:

Backups should be made regularly and every time before you make any changes to your live site. If you add a large extension or edit something and the site acts unexpectedly you can easily restore it to the previous state.