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How To Login To Joomla 1.5


The first thing you need to learn once you have installed Joomla is how to Login. This tutorial is very easy, as with everything though it can be hard the first time because you don’t know how.



Step By Step Guide;

Step 1) Open your browser and type in the location to your Joomla Installation followed by “/administrator/”. So if you installed Joomla to your websites main directory ( you can login to Joomla by typing “”


Step 2) Now you will need to enter your login details, these will be the username and password you entered for the “Admin” when you installed Joomla. If you installed Joomla using Fantastico then you would have chosen a username and password for the admin account. If you installed Joomla manually then you would have entered a password for the admin with the username “admin”.


Step 3) Once you have entered the admin username and password click “Login”, you should see the homepage for the admin side of Joomla. Your done, you have logged into Joomla.

Additional Information:

Even though this was a very easy tutorial I still added a video and step by step guide with images because it is important that you can quickly and easily login to Joomla. Since you can’t do anything with Joomla without logging in first this is important, also you will have to login quite often so knowing how to quickly do that will save some time.