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How To Install Extensions Into Joomla 1.5


Extensions in Joomla are used to increase the functionality of a Joomla Website, Extensions allow you to add things like; Forums, video player, calendars, improved WYSIWYG Editors, you can even get extensions that turn your Joomla website into a community based website. If there is something you need to add to your Joomla website or something you need to change then chances are there is an Extension to help you out.

Extensions are available from, most are free but there are some that are paid.


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Step By Step Guide;

Step 1) Download the Extension that you want to install from

Step 2) Login to Joomla, tutorial on “How to Login to Joomla

Step 3) Once logged in select “Extensions” from the top horizontal menu and then click on “Install/Uninstall”.


Step 4) In the section that is labelled “Upload Package File” Click on “Browse” and locate the Extension you downloaded from, make sure to keep the Extension in its packaged (zipped) file, don’t unzip the extension yourself.


Step 5) Once you have located the Extension you want to install click on “Upload File & Install”.


Step 6) Depending on the size of the Extension this may take a little while to upload and install the Extension into Joomla. Since every extension is different it is up to you to read the documents for the extension to find out how to use it edit its parameters. 

If it is an Extension to add functionality to your website it will most likely be located (after installed) under either “Components”, “Extensions->Module Manager” or “Extensions->Plugin Manager”.