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How To Create New Users In Joomla 1.5


If you want to have multiple people being able to login and work as an administrator for Joomla you will need to add new users (with admin privileges). If you want to have all your content private and only allow certain people to be able to login and view the content then you will need to make “Registered” users. You can allow user registrations but that is not part of manually creating users so that won’t be covered in this tutorial.



Step By Step Guide;

Step 1) Login to Joomla, if you don’t know how here’s a tutorial on “How to login to Joomla”.

Step 2) From the “Control Panel” page (the page that is loaded when you first login) you can either click on the “User Manger” icon on the page or select “Site” from the top horizontal menu and click on “User  Manager”.


Once the “User Manager” page loads you will be able to see a list of all the current members of your site. If it is a fresh install you should only see a single user which is the “Super Administrator”.

Step 3) From the “User Manager” page click the “New” button from the top right.


Step 4) Now there are a few details you need to enter, most of them are self explanatory so I’ll only explain in detail the ones that may not be clear. To start off simply enter the Name, Username, E-mail and password for the new user.


Step 5) Next you need to choose the group for the new user. If you want to make this user only have access to your “Registered” content then select the group “Registered”. If you want them to be able to submit articles and not have access to any of the control panel side of Joomla set them to one of Author, Editor or Publisher. Lastly if you want them to have Admin access set them to either Manager, Administrator or Super Administrator. For more information on which on you can click on the “Help” icon from the top right.


Step 6) Under Parameters you need to select a few more things, for “Registered” users you can skip this and just click save (unless you want to select a “Front-end Language” for them and a “Time Zone” but doesn’t matter too much). For Admins and Authors (Editors and Publishers included) you will want to select a “User Editor”, naturally there will only be one editor to choose from (and the option no editor” but if you install new Editors through the extensions installer you will have more options here. To start with just select “Tiny MCE Editor”.


Step 7) Now click the “Save” icon from the top right and your done.


Additional Information:

You can create as many users as you like, you can also set up user registrations so that people can freely register to your website. If you plan on being the only person editing your website, writing content, etc then if you create users they will likely only need to be set to “Registered” users.

Another benefit of creating users is the ability to create a temporary admin account if you need to give someone access to the admin section of your website. This would be times when you hire someone to do some kind of work on your website or if you need help with something and they need access. You should never give out a “Super Administrator” account as you cannot delete them and that person will always have admin access to your site.