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How To Create Menus (Navigation) In Joomla 1.5


Once you have some Articles added to you Joomla site you are now going to need to make/edit a menu so that people can navigate to these Articles. With a fresh install of Joomla there is already a “Main Menu” added which you can simply edit. This tutorial will focus on editing the “Main Menu” and structure it to suit your needs.


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Step By Step Guide;

Step 1) Login to Joomla, tutorial on “How to Login to Joomla Here”.

Step 2) You can get to the “Menu Manager” by either clicking on the “Menu Manager” icon from the admin homepage (the page you first see when you login). You can also select “Menus” from the top horizontal menu and click on “Menu Manger”, when you select “Menus” from the top horizontal menu you will also see a list current menus, if you select one of these you will be taken to edit that exact menu. For this tutorial I am going to go through the “Menu Manager”.


Step 3) From the Menu Manager you can add new menus my selecting the “New button” from the top right. For this tutorial we are going to edit the Main Menu, if you don’t have any menus for some reason (no sample data, etc) simply click the “New” button from the top right. Now to edit one of the menus from the list click on the “Edit Menu Item’s “ button (under the “Menu Item’s” column) for the Main Menu.


Step 4) If you installed the sample data you will see a small list already here, from the list (shown below) you can see that the 3rd item is indented with a “L” shaped symbol at the front. This indicates that the 3rd item is a child to the item above it. In terms of menus this means that when you mouse over (depending on your template) the a menu item that has “Child items” you will see a dropdown list.


Step 5) Once you have decided how you will be setting up your list (Parent/Child items, etc) you can start adding items to your menu. To do this click on the “New” button from the top right.


Step 6) Now you need to select what type of link this menu item will be, since we are adding a link to an article select “Articles”. Now you will need to choose how you want the Article to be displayed, I generally like to use “Article Layout” but you can play with the others to see what the difference is, you can always change it.


Step 7) First step is to select what article this menu item will link too, on the right hand side under “Parameters (Basic)” there will be a “Select Article” option. Click the “Select” button and pick the article you want to link to from the list.


Step 8) Now you need to enter some details about this Menu Item, first simply enter the Title for this item and the Alias (leave blank if you are unsure). Now the next section of importance is the “Parent Item” naturally it is set to “Top” this means that it will be a top level item and can have a Tree of other menu items under it. However for this tutorial I want to add a Child item, so I am going to select a “Parent Item”.


Step 9) That’s all the basic settings needed to add a Menu Item, you should have a look through all the different “Parameters” just so you know what’s there. You should also spend a few minutes playing with a few settings to see what they do, it is always best to learn by practice in my opinion. So now Click “Save” to save this new menu item.


Additional Information:

Continue to add Items to your menu until you have added all the Articles and other link that you wanted on you menu. It is a good idea to keep checking the menu on the Frontend of your website to check that the menu is forming the way you wanted it to.