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How To Create A Website Using Joomla 2.5

I hope I haven’t confused you by saying how to create a website using “Joomla”, I’m guessing you don’t know what Joomla is, that’s fine. To quickly un confuse you Joomla is a “Content Management System” this pretty much means that when you create your website with Joomla it “Manages” everything for you. If you are looking to create your first website then I strongly urge you to use Joomla, it is 100% free, very easy to use and makes some incredible websites, I use Joomla for the site your on right now and I love it.

Please continue reading through this page and watch the video below and you will know exactly why you’re going to create your website using Joomla, trust me.

Creating A Website With Joomla Video:


Creating A Website Use To Be Hard

Once upon a time, before Joomla was born, people (including myself) had to make websites the hard way, coding them by hand and from scratch. You’ve probably heard of the word “HTML”, you have probably even been told that you need to know how to code using HTML to create a website, hand coding websites using HTML is a thing of the past now and creating a website is much easier using applications like Joomla.

So How’s Joomla Help

Joomla removes the need for you to learn any HTML or any type of coding what so ever to create your own website. Joomla is called a CMS, as I have said above that means “Content Management System” let me try and explain this in a little more depth.

Joomla is a web application that you can install onto your website, which is very easy but I show you exactly how to do that anyway. Once installed you login to an administration side of Joomla which gives you access to change almost anything Joomla does, for example with a few simple clicks you can tell Joomla to use a different template which changes the entire look of your website, easy and cool. You simple type up content you want on a page then add that into Joomla and it places it wherever you tell it to, I show you exactly how all that works.

Plus Joomla has an extremely large extensions database where you can get an extension to do just about anything you could ever want a website to do and you don’t have to code anything.

Let’s Talk About The Catch…

There’s always a catch right, well luckily Joomla is 100% free, what sound too good, I must be lying or over hyping Joomla. It’s ok if you are thinking something along those lines, I did too when I first heard about Joomla way back when it came out.

Joomla is 100% free because it is referred to what is called “Open Source” this means that it is worked on by many people around the world all working together to make the best CMS available. It’s ok if you don’t understand why people would make something like this for free just think of how awesome it is that they do.

So What Costs Are Involved

Ok, so Joomla is free and learning how to create a website using Joomla is also free, with the use of my tutorials, however don’t get too excited because there is something you have to pay for. What can it be? You’re probably thinking of course I know what it is, you want my kidney. No, no, my kidney’s are fine, I think.

The only cost involved in starting your Joomla website is a Domain Name and a hosting account to install Joomla too. Which will only cost you an arm, a leg and half your house, well that’s what I would have been saying back in the beginning of the internet, today however creating a website is extremely cheap.

Getting your own Domain Name and Hosting account will only cost you at the most $15 per year, yes I said per year for a Domain Name, so that’s like, that’s what a domain name is. As for Website hosting you can get that at about $8 per month and that is for the best hosting, I don’t recommend anything but the best. You could look around and find something cheaper but you would be sacrificing quality besides cheaper would only be like $5 per month, so it’s not worth using anything but the best.

Time For You To Get Your Joomla Website

I bet you are getting a nervous twitch and your hands are shaking like crazy because you can’t wait to start your Joomla website right now, what? Not even close?

Anyway back to where ever I was, I just want to quickly say that I am glad you have decided to make a website and using Joomla for this is a great choice, that’s exactly how I see it now since I have been using Joomla for so long. I’m going to take a wild guess here and say you are creating your website wanting to make some type of income, well that’s exactly what I want to help you do, and for free, I’ll let you know why I offer all my tutorials for free (plus something else that’s free and pretty cool too) on the tutorial link mentioned below (it’s the one for getting your Domain and Hosting Account).

Wow a bit off track there, so to get your Joomla Website started you are going to need a Domain Name and a Hosting Account, these are two things no website can make do without. If you have any thoughts in your head about “maybe I can find/use a free website hosting company”, forget it. Free website hosting is nothing but trouble; you never own your website, it will be down all the time, rankings in Google will be very hard to get and it’s just plain bad for business. Website hosting is cheap so get quality.

Below is an image link (you can click the image) that will take you to the tutorial for getting your Domain Name and hosting account so you can start your Joomla website right now and be one step closer to generating money (that’s what you want right?). Or you can click right here “Get Your Website’s Domain Name And Hosting


I hope you’re not one of those “I’ll do it tomorrow” people, years pass and you still going to do it tomorrow. I spent so much effort and time making all the video tutorials to help you (for free), you could do me a favor and check out my next tutorial and see how you like it, Click here.