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How To Change Your Joomla 2.5 Password

Why Change Your Joomla 2.5 Password

If you installed Joomla following my tutorials you would have used QuickInstall to easily install Joomla to your website. QuickInstall automatically generates a very secure password for you, however with “strong passwords” comes the impossiblity to remember them.

The passwords are very strong which is a good thing however you find yourself wasting time locating where you wrote it down or finding the email you recieved with the password, every time you try to login to your Joomla website.

So it is expected that you may want to change your password to something you can remember, while still keeping it secure of course. There are also many other reasons to change your Joomla 2.5 password; firstly it is good practice to regularly change your passwords and other security related reasons to change it.

Change Your Joomla Password Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial Coming Soon

Step By Step Guide

Step 1) First you will have to login to your Joomla website using your current password, if you need help logging into Joomla check out “How To Login To Joomla 2.5

Step 2) From the administrator side of Joomla you need to select “User Manager”. You can access this two ways; On the “Home” page of your admin side you should see a “Tile” named “User Manager”, you can simply click that. From any page within the admin side of Joomla you can go to the top menu and locate “User Manager” under the “User” menu item.


Step 3) Select Your account from the list, if you are using a fresh installation of Joomla and have no other users you should be the only one in the list. If you installed using QuickInstall you will find your Name may be “Super User” but you can identify which account is yours by the username column. Once you have found your account from the list simply click your name from the “Name” column, it will be blue.


Step 4) Now you will see the details for the user you clicked, which should have been your account. Here you can edit your details like your name, email account, login username and the main thing for this tutorial is your password. All you have to do is enter a new password and then re-enter it just to verify you got it right.


Step 5) When ready just click on of the save icons.