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How To Change The Template Joomla 1.5 Uses


This tutorial focuses on changing the Template that Joomla uses. Changing the Template allows you to easily and very quickly change the whole visual appearance of your Joomla Site. This allows to you customize how you want your website to look. There are literally thousands and thousands of different Templates for Joomla out there, some free some you have to buy. In general the Templates that you have to buy are usually better quality as they had more time spent creating them. For help find the template you want for Joomla check out my article on “Finding a Template for Joomla”.



  • New Joomla Template.
    You are going to need to find the new template that you want to use with Joomla. Naturally Joomla comes with a few templates but these are basic and it’s recommended to find one that suits your needs.

Step By Step Guide;

Step 1) Login to Joomla, tutorial on “How To Login To Joomla Here

Step 2) Now you will need to upload and install the new Template. To do this select “Extensions” from the top horizontal menu and then click “Install/Uninstall”.


Step 3) Now under the “Upload Package File” section click “Browse”.


Step 4) Locate the template that you downloaded and want to use (***learn how to find a new template****), leave it zipped (packaged).

For this tutorial I am using a free template from ***Rocket Theme***, they make very good templates for Joomla.

Step 5) When you have found and selected the Template click “Upload File & Install”.


Step 6) Next we set the newly installed Template to be the default Template for Joomla. Select “Extensions” from the top horizontal menu and click “Template Manager”.


The “Template Manager” page will display a list of the currently installed Templates, there should be the default Templates plus the new one you just installed. The template with the “Star icon” next to it under the “Default” column is the currently active template.

Step 7) From the list of installed Templates select the one you want to make your active Template (the one you just installed).


Step 8) When you have selected the Template that you want to make active (your Default Template) click the “Default” button from the top right, has a star icon.


Done, check your site and you should now see the new Template.

Additional Information:

If you are looking for a very professional looking Joomla Template then you should check out Rocket Theme. Rocket Theme make some very incredibly stylish templates for any type of look you are going for.