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Getting A Domain And Website Hosting For Joomla

Alright, you are one step closer to having a successful Joomla Website. Hey, I hope you don’t mind but I want to tell you a quick story before I get started on showing you exactly how to get your domain name and hosting account for your website.

Quite a few years back I was in the exact position you are right now, I read so much about starting a website to make a living online and kept telling myself “It’s going to be too hard” and “I won’t be able to do it”. I was in University at the time and was graduating at the end of that year, I kept thinking to myself do I really want to get into this career and have a fixed desk job for the rest of my life. I actually thought about that for some time, then out of nowhere a switch went off in my head “What if this actually works and I can make a living with the freedom working online provides”. I started working on my first website that night and most other nights after my days at university.

I am so glad that I did decide to take a leap of faith and start my online career then. Making a website is so much easier then you think, however when you first start it can look so complicated which is why I have made all these free tutorials to open your eyes and make it easy.


Personal Contact

As I understand that sometimes even the best video tutorials are not enough or you simple have extra question, I am actually going to give you direct access to me through email. This isn’t going to be available for everyone though, I’m a busy man and can only answer so many emails. So this bonus of being able to personally email me with any question or help with anything is only going to be available to people that sign up to Hostgator through my affiliate link or by signing up with the coupon code “websiteteacher”, more about that in the video above.

To get this bonus and have direct access to me where you can ask me anything all you need to do is sign up to hostgator using my affiliate linke or using the coupon code "websiteteacher". My Affiliate Link To The Hostgator Website

Now It’s Your Turn

Trust me when I say making a website is not as hard as you think, this doesn’t mean it’s easy though. I am not trying to make this sound like a get rich quick scheme because it’s not, you can get rich but not quick and not without hard work. I hate scams and the only time you will see me talking about scams is when I am warning you about them. My site is far from a scam, I simply offer straight forward “Free” tutorials and information, I explain why it’s all free soon.

Domain Name And Hosting Account

Now all you need to start your first website is a website hosting account and domain name. This is very easy to do and cheap, I do recommend watching the video above as it shows you exactly how to do everything, plus I explain exactly what domain name you should use.


Why My Site Is Free

Looking around the internet I have found courses/training information for Joomla costing up to $100 for content that is probably not as good as what I am offering for free.

Because I believe you are like me, and If you’re like you prefer to watch tutorials in video format that show you exactly how to do everything. That is why I have put so much effort into making all these tutorials for you that I want you to use once you have signed up to Hostgator, the video at the top of this page shows you exactly how. The video tutorials are very easy to follow, understand and will have you creating your website in no time.

The reason why all my tutorials and information on this website are free and I also offer to personally help you is not only because I am a nice guy. I also receive a commission on every sign up I send Hostgator. But don’t worry this has no effect on you what so ever, well actually I set up a coupon code so that you could save some money when signing up. The coupon code is “websiteteacher”, I also mention that in the video where you need to enter it.

What Are You Waiting For?

So if you don’t have a website yet, you no longer have to put it off, with all my free tutorials and my personal help you can easily start your website now. You can ask me anything, even how you should go about monetizing your website after you have created it, even what extra can you do to build up more traffic.

So this is a very easy decision, all you need to do is sign up for website hosting now and use my free tutorials and if you do run into any trouble or have any question you can simple send me an email. You will be surprised at how fast I reply.

And all that I ask you to do is help me out and get your website hosting through my affiliate link or simply use my coupon code “websiteteacher”.