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Deciding On A Website Niche

So you have decided to make a website but want to spend a little time thinking out what Niche you want to create your website on, this is good. There are a lot of people that know exactly what they want to do their website on the moment they decide they want to make a website, likely the idea is what made them decide to make a website in the first place.

A Niche is simple the topic of your website, all websites should be focused on a single Niche, don’t try to cover more than one.


Skills Hobbies and Interests

You may have heard me talking about this on other pages throughout my website. When you are trying to decide on what niche to do for your website it is always good to think about what you are actually good at or interested in.

Whenever anyone uses the internet it is because they are trying to find out how to do something or they are looking for specific information, amongst other things. Below is a cut and paste from another one of my pages which explains the difference between skills, hobbies and interests.

  • Skills.
    A skill is something that you can do; things like repair cars, write books, knit, etc. Just something that you can actually do, these are great for build Niche websites because you can teach people how to do something, people love sites which easily teach them how to do something.

  • Hobbies.
    Hobbies are things that you do for fun like ride a bike, collect stamps, fly remote control planes, etc. If you have a hobby you know lots about and love generally there will be other people like you and making a site about it will give people something to look at.

  • Interests.
    This is similar to hobbies but you don't actually do it, you are very interested in it and wouldn't mind learning and writing about it. You don't need to know everything about your Niche before you start your site, if you love it and learn on the way that's fine too.

It can help a lot if you actually write down all your different skills, hobbies and interests as you are thinking about them. You will want to choose something that you think of above, some people say that all you need to make a successful website is the drive and you are best of choosing a niche that will make you the most money. I don’t like this, if you choose a niche simply because you think there is money to be made in it but you don’t really like the niche then you will get bored much faster and it will be a lot harder to keep working. Making a successful website doesn’t happen overnight and you need more then the “drive to make money”, you need to like what you are doing (to some degree).

I also want to add that you can make money with pretty much any niche you choose, so choose something that you know you can do or something you already know a bit about.

How To Niches

When it comes to making a content website a “How To” Niche is usually a pretty good way to go, usually the first thing someone does when they want to do something they don’t know how to is use the internet. This covers so much, things like “how to assemble a computer”, “how to knit a sweater”, “how to write a book”, “how to change the oil filter in my car”. You can see that there are literally millions of different topics you can do a “how to” website on, basically any skill can have a “how to” website made about it.

Computer Game Niches

Making a website using a niche on a computer game will always be an option and many people make a living on making multiple websites on different games. Think about it, a new computer game is released almost every week which opens up new opportunities for people to make a website on. However it is actually best if you only make a website on games that you actually play, this gives you a better understanding on the game which will make it easier to write content about.

Your Niche

By now you should understand that you can choose a Niche on almost anything, just make sure that you are at least interested in the Niche you choose. The Niche you decide to use doesn’t have to be something you already know heaps about (although that would be good), it can simply be something you are interested in and would love to learn about, in that case you can write content for your website as you are learning it.