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Choosing A Good Domain For A Website

So you are ready to get your very own Joomla website, this is good news, now all you need to do is figure out what Domain Name to use. Choosing a good Domain Name is actually not that hard and since Domain Names are no longer rated that heavily this decision is even easier. Ok so I just said Domain Names are not rated that heavily anymore, this doesn’t mean you should try and get a good one.

For those that don’t know a Domain Name is the URL to your website, for example is the domain name for Google. So you will have where “yoursite” is the domain you register for your website.


Know Your Niche

There is only one requirement before you can actually decide upon a Domain Name which is “what is your website niche”. So basically you need to know what topic/niche your website is on, you can’t name (choose a Domain Name) your website if you don’t have an idea of what you are going to make a website about. So if you have no idea you should take a few minutes now to consider the Niche of your website, there is a tutorial to help you if you need it “Choosing A Niche For Your Website”.

Choosing A Domain Name

There are a handful of different things you should consider when choosing your Domain name and I will list those below. I also want to cover some tips to help you choose a good Domain Name, so make sure you read through all of the following Domain Name rules and tips.

Domain Name Rules

  • No Spaces Allowed
    Domain Names cannot contain any spaces however you can use a hyphen “-“ in place of a space. Just remember not to use a space in your Domain Name

  • Maximum Of 63 Characters Allowed
    Domain Names cannot contain more than 63 characters however I wouldn’t recommend using anywhere near 63 Characters, try and keep your Domain Name as short as possible (at least to a few words).

  • Must Have Extension
    Every Domain Name must contain an extension, meaning like .com, the most common extensions are .com, .net and .org. I recommend trying to get a .com extension, they are the most common which means that there will be less Domain Names available but the .com Domain Names are also the most reputable to most internet users.

  • Can Only Contain Letters, Numbers Or Hyphens

    I have already mentioned you are not allowed to use any spaces, furthermore though you are only allowed to use letters, numbers and hyphens. So no other special characters are allowed to be used, so no spaces either however as mentioned above you can use a hyphen (-) in the place where you would like a space, for example could be

Domain Name Tips

  • Keep It Short
    Even though you can use a reasonably lengthy Domain Name you are best to keep it as short as you can. You want your Domain Name to be easy to remember so that your visitors can tell other people about your website. If you have a 7 word Domain Name no one is likely to remember that. So don’t go crazy, a few words is fine though.

  • Easy On The Visitors
    You want to make sure your Domain Name is easy for your visitors to read and understand, don’t use some weird combination of words that only you understand. As mentioned above you want to make sure your Domain Name is easy for visitors to remember, word of mouth can be very powerful.

  • Use Some Description
    Domain Names can be named using a Brand (ie,,, etc) however usually it is best to use your Domain Name as a descriptive Domain. A descriptive Domain Name is basically a Domain that describes what your website is about, for example is a descriptive Domain Name. So basically just use words that relate to what your website is about, say you wanted to make a website on teaching people how to plan good parties a good example for your Domain Name could be something like

  • Recommend Using .com Extension
    There are 3 main extension you could use (.com, .net, .org) plus some other extensions including country specific Domain Names however I strongly recommend that you try to get a .com Extension. .com Extensions are more common and are better recognized by the majority of internet users. This gives your website a more reputable standing straight away, plus when someone tells other people about your website it is most common to enter to explain a Domain Name with the .com extension.

  • Start Now, Don’t Wait
    Every single day there are (I believe) around 100 000 Domains registered and the majority of those are Domains using the .com extension. On top of that there are already millions upon millions of Domain Names already registered. A Domain Name perfect for your website that is available today may not be available tomorrow so don’t put this off and start your website now.

  • If Unavailable Add A Hyphen
    If you decide on a Domain Name and you really want it but it turns out to be taken then you can try adding a few hyphens (-) in between the different words. So for example say you wanted but it was taken (which it probably is) you could add a hyphen and try again, so you could try, with the hyphen added this is a different Domain Name and may be available.


So that covers choosing your Domain Name, you should now have a good idea of what Domain you want to use for your website and you should just straight into getting your Domain and Hosting account for your Joomla website. Check out this tutorial “Getting Your Website (including Domain)