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Hex Color Code - Pick A Color Get The Hex Color Code

One thing I have never been able to remember, and for a good reason, are the different hex color codes. When you are making a website and coding it yourself one thing you will have to figure out is which hex colors you want to use. To do this you are going to have to figure out a couple of hex color codes and either remember them or write the hex color code down. It is pretty much impossible to know all the hex color codes as there are a huge amount of combinations.

Hex Color Code Generator

To make hex color codes easier for you to figure out I have added a generator here that will allow you to use a click and drag approach to figuring out your hex color code. It is as simple as clicking on the hex color you want and then drag the marker around to get the perfect hex color.

How To Use The Hex Color Generator

The hex color picker you see below allows you to pick a color you want and then just copy the hex code. You will see all the hex colors displayed at the top of the “Hex Color Code Generator” all you need to do is click near the color you want and drag it around until the color in the box just below it changes to the ones you want. You will know which box I am talking about as the color will change as you move the marker. Once you have a hex color you want you can make it darker or lighter using the smaller brightness scale on the right. Once you like the color you can simply copy the hex color code from the text box above the hex color being displayed.



Related Hex Color Codes

In the second half of the hex color picker you will notice there are other hex colors similar to the one you picked. This is because this hex color picker also shows you matching hex colors that you could use throughout your website. You can change the way the hex colors are matched by using the four buttons on the left. Try them out and see how it changes the matching hex colors.