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How To Make A Forum

How to make a forum, if you were looking for a guide to make a free forum then you can close this page now. Free forum hosting or free forums are useful for those that just want to have fun and make a small forum for their friends or a very small community. If you want to learn how to make a forum for your website or you want to create a forum as your actual website then you are going to love the tutorials I have in line for you.


Learning how to create a forum is not too hard but if you aren’t exactly the best computer wiz it can be quite difficult. The Website Teacher to the rescue, I need a cape, anyone good at making superhero capes? anyway back on topic. On the left you will see a menu with a bunch of different links, when you are on any page relating to making a forum you will see that menu. So you can keep track of what “how to make a forum” tutorial you are on. You know what time it is, it’s 3:24pm, wait no I was leading somewhere else with that… it’s time to cover exactly what you are going to need to make your own forum.

Forum Hosting

Yep, the first thing you are going to need to create a forum is a place to actually host your forum. Please don’t make me cry and ask if there is somewhere you can get free forum hosting. As with everything free is spelt like this “BAD”, please kids “say no to dru… Free forum hosting”.

Hosting a forum is just like hosting a website, in fact if you already have a website and simply want to add a forum onto your site then you can simply add it onto your current site. However if you want to actually make a forum as your website then you will need to buy a web host. Are you thinking something along the lines of “Why do I want to get a web host, should I get a forum hosting account”. A forum is just like any other website, it is just structured differently to allow people to talk/communicate.

So step one on your journey to learn how to make a forum is to get a web host account and of course you will need a Domain name for your forum. To learn how to get a hosting account for your forum you should check out the following tutorial.


Get Your Domain And Forum Hosting

If you already have a website that you want to simply add your forum onto then you can skip this step and move on.

Create A Forum

Once you have your web hosting account for your forum you are ready to actually create your forum, which of course starts by installing it. If you don’t have any hosting for your forum yet then you should click the image link above and learn how to get forum hosting.

I am going to be showing you how to make a forum using phpBB, it is an open source forum platform that is 100% free to use. So to learn how to install phpBB to your forum webhosting or as an addition to your current website check out “How To Install phpBB, for an example of phpBB watch the video at the top of this page.

Once you have created your forum you can follow the other tutorials on the left to learn exactly how to setup and use your new forum.