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Forum Hosting - What You Will Need To Run A Forum

When you want to make a forum you need to decide whether you want a new hosting account and domain name for your forum. If you are making a forum as an addition to your already established website then you can simply add it onto your current hosting account. Even if you are adding a forum to your current website some webmasters still create a separate domain name and hosting account for their forum. This is likely to get the forum its own ranking plus it takes away any risk that your forum could overcrowd your main website and potentially cause loading times to increase for visitors.

Free Forum Hosting

As with a website or a blog I always get asked the question about getting free forum hosting and the answer is always the same. I don’t recommend using any type of free forum hosting for a few reasons. First you will be given a sub domain from the forum hosting website you use, something like Which is bad for business and on top of that the quality of hosting is almost guaranteed to be of very poor quality.

Your forum will also be extremely hard to get index and ranked in Google or any search engine. Your forums will run slow and may go offline at anytime. Also the biggest issue with free forum hosting is that the hosting company can remove your forum at any time for any reason. If your forum got popular and started using more of the server’s resources they could simply delete your forum.

So don’t do it, if you are serious about your forum get quality forum hosting not free stuff.

Forum Hosting

Forum hosting is no different to a website hosting account in fact when you go to purchase a hosting account for your forum you still choose the “webhost” option. A forum is still a website it’s just a different style of website but your hosting needs are the same.

If you don’t have a website yet and you are making a forum as your actual website then you can follow my tutorial on “How to get a website hosting account”. This will cover getting a domain name aswell. You can also follow that tutorial if you don’t want to host your forum on your current website.


Installing Your Forum

Your next step is to install your forum. It doesn’t matter if you are installing the forum on a new website or if you are adding it to your current website, I explain how to install your forum for either option in the same tutorial. You can find the tutorial to show you how to install your forum on the left menu or you can click “How To Install A Forum”.