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Your Guide To Mastering CPanel

What is CPanel?

CPanel is a very common and popular website hosting control panel that makes it very easy and quick to manage every aspect of hosting your website. Upon logging in you are confronted with a very easily navigated control panel that lets you manage all the background stuff with a very easy point and click approach.

Tutorials relating to CPanel 

How to login to CPanel
The first thing you need to learn once you have obtained your new website (if your hosting account uses CPanel, like Hostgator) is learn how to login to CPanel. CPanel is the control panel used to manage all your hosting account needs.

Setting up Email Accounts
Once you have your new website you need to set up some email accounts (i.e you@yousite .com), this gives a unique email account for your site.

Creating FTP Accounts
Learn how to setup accounts that you can use to upload files to your website.

Create MySQL Databases
Some applications that you install on your web host will require MySQL databases which you may need to set up yourself.

Uploading to Your Website
Knowing how to upload files to your site is a must, this guide shows you two methods of uploading to your site.

Fantastico Overview
Fantastico is used to install all different types of applications that you can run on your website, it sets up everything for you very easily, it even makes the MySQL databases for you.

How to Backup your Website
Even though web hosting accounts are usually well backed up its still a very good idea to back up your site yourself. Learn how to back up your site and if needed restore it.

Changing your CPanel Password
It's always good to know how to change your CPanel password.