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How To Upload Files To Your Website Using CPanel


This tutorial will cover Uploading Files using CPanel which is only really practical when uploading a single file or so. The recommended way to Upload files to your Website is using an FTP Client which you can learn How to use FileZilla to Upload files to your website.


Step By Step Guide;

Step 1) Login to CPanel, tutorial on that "How To Login To CPanel"

Step 2) From the “Files” Sections click on the “File Manager” Icon



Step 3) You will now be shown a “File Manager Directory Selection” Window where you can select which directory you want to upload files too. To upload files to your website directory select “Web Root”. If you know you plan on accessing any hidden files make sure the check box “Show Hidden Files” is checked, and then press “Go”.



Step 4) What you should see now is the File Manager, from here you can upload files using the “Upload” button from the top. You can create new folders, delete files, change permissions, etc.

Additional Information:

Limited to a maximum file size of 25mb (now over 500GB, file size limit is no longer a problem) per file, when you need to upload larger files you will have to use an FTP Client. Either way I still recommend using an FTP Client for general “File Management” you can Learn How To Upload With FileZilla.