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How To Setup FTP Accounts For Your Website With CPanel


You will need to learn how to create FTP accounts for a few different reasons. First being that you will need to upload files to your website yourself and will need a personal FTP account. Second being that you may need to create FTP accounts for different web applications that you use and in some cases for other people.


Step By Step Guide;

This is very similar to Setting Up Email Accounts In CPanel.

Step 1) Login to CPanel, tutorial on this "How To Login To CPanel".

Step 2) Select “FTP Accounts” From the “Files” Section within the CPanel Home Page.


From this page (after clicking "FTP Accounts") you can see a section for “Add FTP Account” for adding new FTP accounts, under that is the “Account Management” Section which shows you current FTP Accounts.

Step 3) Enter the “Login” name and Password you want for this FTP Account. The “Directory” box is used to restrict the FTP Account to a certain folder on your Hosting Account. You can leave it blank if you want to be able to access the whole account.



Step 4) Click “Create FTP Account” and your done.

Additional Information:

Setting a certain directory that the FTP Account has access to is useful when you need to make addition FTP Accounts for someone or an application that needs access to a certain folder. That way if you need to give someone else FTP Access to a certain folder the rest of your site is secure and can’t be edited.