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Fantastico Overview And How To Open Fantastico Through CPanel


Fantastico is an applications that is bundled with CPanel (usually) and offers users the ability to automatically install a wide range of different web applications like Joomla, WordPress, phpBB, etc with a few clicks. It's very easy to use, you simply scroll through a list of web applications and click on which ones you want to install onto your website. Using Fantastico you could have a blog set up in just a few clicks.

Not all web hosting companies use Fantastico so if you do want Fantastico with the web hosting you get make sure you sign up with the right one. Now most hosting plans do come with some type of script installer but I have found Fantastico to be the best by far. So if you are yet to sign up with a hosting company and you know you would like it to have Fantastico then I recommend signing up with Hostgator.

With that said here is a quick overview of Fantastico and what it does;


Step by Step Guide;

(to access Fantastico)

Step 1) Login to CPanel, there is a tutorial on that "How To Login To CPanel".

Step 2) Locate the “Software/Services” Section from the Home Page of CPanel.



Step 3) Click on the “Fantastico De Luxe” icon within that section to open fantastic.



Step 4) You should now see the Fantastico Main Page, from here you can click on any of the applications down the left hand side to find out more information. When you select an application you can quickly and easily install it by following the instructions displayed on that page (after selecting the application you want).

Additional Information:

Fantastico can be used to update your installed applications when there are updates available. You can also use Fantastico to uninstall any of the applications, you can install as many applications as you want.