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How To Setup Your Own Email Account Through CPanel


Setting up Email accounts for your website is a good idea as it gives a higher level of reputation since you can tell people contact me one me(@)


Step By Step Guide;

Step 1) Login to CPanel, tutorial on how to do this HERE.

Step 2) Scroll down to the “Mail” section, then within the “Mail” section click on “Email Accounts”.



Step 3) Now you need to enter the details of your new email account. First enter the name of the email account in the “Email” Box.

Step 4) For the password you can enter your own (easer to remember) or you can have CPanel Generate a password for you, generated passwords are complicated and should be written down.

Step 5) Set a “Mailbox Quota” this is the amount of storage you want to cap this email account too. If you don’t want to cap this email account, leave this box empty and there will be no limit for this email account.



Step 6) Click Create. Done you have a new Email account.

Additional Information:

Emails unique to your website are useful as you can make emails like support(@), admin(@), etc. If you signed up with Hostgator you will be able to create as many email accounts as you like.