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How To Login To CPanel For Your Website


This is a quick tutorial that will cover logging into CPanel for your Website.



Step By Step Guide;

Step 1)  CPanel can be accessed by entering your website domain ( followed by “/cpanel” into the browser address bar. So it would look like this “”.

cpanel_login is the easiest way to access CPanel for your website but you can also use “” and “your-site-ip:2082”, I suggest sticking with “”.

Step 2)  You will be prompted for a username and password, this is the username and password you used when signing up (if you signed up with Hostgator). Enter your username and password then click “OK”.

The request should look something like this;



Step 3)  That’s it, you should now be confronted with the CPanel User Interface.

Additional Information:

In all further CPanel tutorials I will assume you know how to log into CPanel, however I will still link to this page when needed. Remembering how to log into CPanel will help as it’s needed for many different tutorials.