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How To Create MySQL Databases Using CPanel


You will need to know how to create MySQL Databases for different web applications that you might use like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, phpBB (forum), etc. However if you use Fantastico the MySQL Databases will be automatically set up.



Step By Step Guide;

Step 1)  Log into CPanel, tutorial on this "How To Login To CPanel".

Step 2)  Select “MySQL Databases” from the “Databases” section on the Home Page of CPanel.



Step 3)   Under the “Create New Database” section enter the name of the new MySQL Database you want to make, then click “Create Database”. The name you enter here usually has your CPanel login name added to the start.



Step 3.1)  You will now be told that the new database was made, click the "Go Back" link.



Step 4)  Once the Database is created you will need to add a “MySQL User” to that Database so that it can be accessed.



Step 4.1)  Under the “MySQL Users” Section you will see “Add New User”, here is where you enter the username and password you want to use to access this MySQL Database. Create the new user.



Step 5)  Juster under the “Add New User” section you will see “Add User To Database”. From the User dropdown menu to select the user you just created (remember that it will likely have your CPanel username added to the front of it).  Now in the “Database” dropdown menu select the Database you just created then click “Add”. Done.


Additional Information:

Make note of the full Database name and also the full username and password you set up and added to that database. You will need those details to allow the different web applications to have access to the MySQL Database.