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How To Make a Website

how_to_make_a_websiteThe Website Teacher was created with one main goal, to teach people how to make a website for free. I don’t mean free as in how to make a free website because a free website is bad for business (your business) but to teach for free. I try to add in a video to most of my tutorials on starting a website as I know learning by watching is powerful.

Learning how to make a website can be quite a hard task if you are simply thrown into the deep end. Following the guides found on this website should make the process much easier.

You will notice there is a video for each major section of this page, I did this so that if you don’t feel like reading or want a better personal explanation for any section you can. Plus in the videos I will take a little more time to better explain each section.

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What Is Required To Start A Website

Making a website can be broken down into 3 steps, there’s a lot more you need to do once you have a website up and running but let’s focus on one thing at a time. If you are here looking for an answer to the question “How do you make a website” here is a quick answer that I will elaborate on.

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Making a website requires;how_to_make_a_website_required

  • A Domain Name
  • A Website Hosting Account
  • A Way To Make Your Website

Three steps? How to make a website seems easy enough. Well the truth is, it is. Making a website is not really that hard, however difficulty will vary depending on the creation method used to make a website. Luckily I teach the easiest ways to make some very nice looking websites.

A Domain Name

make_a_website_domain_nameSo now it is time to elaborate and further explain my short answer on how to create a website, which starts with a domain name.

A domain name, in its simplest form, is the web address for a website. For an example, the domain name for the page you are currently on is “”. Another common example is Google, Google’s domain name is

So from the above examples you can see that a domain name is the link to your website. You should also be able to see how starting a website is not possible without a domain name, as there would be no “link” to your website.

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If you would like to learn how to buy your own domain name you can use my tutorial “How To Get A Website”, however I suggest you first finish reading this page.

A Website Hosting Account

Knowing how to make a website would not help if you had nowhere to actually store the files that make up your website. The solution to this problem is a website hosting account, pretty self explanatory but I will explain anyway.

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make_a_website_webhostA website hosting account is basically where you buy access to a computer that is located in what is called a data centre (you can see a data centre in the image on the right). These computers are never turned off and are set up solely to run websites. This computer is then used to store all the files required to run and display your website to anyone that visits your domain name. So you see your domain name and website hosting account run hand in hand and require each other to start a website function.

Website hosting is a huge market which unfortunately comes with its problems. For the average person trying to learn how to make a website, reaching the step of picking a website hosting company can be a huge problem. There are too many options and frankly put (weird saying, not sure how it got its meaning but for those that don’t know frankly means truthful/honestly. Long side note I know but I didn’t just put the word truthful/honestly as I like the word frankly Smile) most hosting companies out there are of quite poor quality.

So how do you sift through the crap (pardon my language) and find a website hosting company to make a website with. I could spend ages going thought terminology and explain what you need to look for but I decided to opt for the easier path for everyone.

I highly recommend that you use Hostgator as your website hosting company. I use them for all my websites and have found them to be the best by far. To find out more about Hostgator and how you can get your own website use my tutorial “How To Get A Website.

How Do You Make A Website

With a web host and a domain name you are finally ready to actually start making a website. Now to clear things up when I say how to create a website I am not simply talking about a content style website, with multiple pages of normal content.

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When I say website I am talking about every type of site, whether it is;

  • A Content Website
  • A Blog
  • An Ecommerce Website (shopping style website)
  • A Membership Website (paid membership or free membership)
  • A Forum
  • A Social Style Website (Similar to FaceBook)
  • A Church Website or a Website For Your Club
  • Literally any type of website

There are many ways to make each different type of website and I would probably die trying before I could finish teaching you every single method of creating all the different websites. Many methods of making a website are simply out dated, way too hard for the average person or just not affordable.

I am going to simply teach you what I believe is the best way to make each type of website. You may be thinking that learning how to build a website will involve you learning how to code in HTML and CSS (common website coding language), I don’t teach that. I will teach you what HTML/CSS you need to know for certain things when needed. Trying to learn how to make a website from scratch by hand coding it is not a good idea. This would require a huge amount of effort on your behalf and the website you end up with will likely look pretty poor, no offence.

How do you build a website by hand coding it, this is something I believe is out dated (for the average person anyway). There are web applications now that turn “how to make a website” into “how to use this program”. For an example here my website, the one you are on right now, is made using Joomla. Joomla is the web application I recommend using (and show you how to) to make a content based website (and others but explained in individual tutorials).


Guides To Show You How To Create A Website

So now you know the basics behind starting a website, it is time for you to actually make your own website. As you may know the first step is for you to actually Get Your Own Website, then you need to know how to make the website you want.

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Here is a list of links to Tutorial Guides for each different type of website;

Made A Website Then What?

how_to_make_a_website_for_free_confusedOnce you know how to make a website and you have finished making your own website then you need to move onto ranking your website. Basically once you have finished your website and it is ready for people to come and visit you need to actively promote your website, this is a long process and requires a lot of work, you can find help on my How To Promote A Website.

Additionally once you have finished making a website, quality website of course, you can also look at ways to monetize your website traffic (the visitors you are getting). To learn more about monetizing your website take a look at my section How To Make Money With A Website.